Really Funny. Ive been asking around to people who saw wondering if it was better than Dodgeball. Well- no. But it was still hillarious. And you know- Christina Applegate is hot. But anyway- freakin funny. And there were alot of camios from people. I recommend it. There is one extremely funny scene with Ron, and the girl, whos name is Veronica. And some things. haha. This funniest guy was Brick though. He was played by the guy in Old School who tried to shut the Frat down- you remember? by the guy from the daily show. Well they called him brick because he was as dumb as one. And it shows. and proves for good comedy. So- see it! Later.


  1. Joey-
    Anchorman was way better than Dodgeball. The fight scene and Brick alone…


  2. actually, the guy that plays brick is the guy from the daily show. its not jeremy piven.

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