Troy – 10/10

Simply Amazing. Anyone who has read The Illiad and The Oddesy, or who has heard the story of Achillies knows this story. And It was great. The acting was phenominal. Brad Pitt, as always, was amazing. Who surprised me was Eric Bana, who played Hector, Prince of Troy. After his less than wonderful role in Hulk, last years summer flop, he was simply great in this movie. He showed great emotion and his fight with Achillies was awesome. Orlando Bloom was also great. Though I was a little dissapointed in his character, Paris- brother to Hector, and kind of the reason Troy took place.
If you dont know the story, Greece was the serious power house of the world at that time. They had most of the world, with the acception of Troy, taken over. The Trojans wanted peace, and so they spoke with King Menelaus, king of Sparta, and made a treaty. Menelaus is brother to Agamemnon, King of Kings- ruler, more or less, of the world. Well Paris took Helen, Menelaus’ wife, back to Troy. Menelaus was less than happy. So he gets Agamemnon, and they go to Troy. Achillies fought for Greece, but not really. He had no alligence. Why he fought for a king he hated- i dont really know. But anyway- the movie is the epic and amazing battle of troy. Cinimatography- awesome. Action Sequences- awesome. Acting- awesome. Helen- HOT, which is awesome. You really cant go wrong with this movie. Go See it! Later