Spiderman 2… 4.5

First of all, you might notice something different. This layout still needs some work, but i have some news before i get to the review. Blogger may no longer be my host of choice for my blog. As soon I as get the hang of WordPress, I will be making the switch. They have catergories and what not. It will be cool. But onto the review.

The movie was in between good and great. On the one hand, the fighr scenes, special effects, and some of the dialogues were really cool. As for acurracy, im not to sure. But either way it was a good movie.
It picks up 2 years after the 1st one, and Peter is poor, Aunt May is poor, MJ is in a play, Harry took over OZ Corp. Harry hired Doc Octavious to do some thing with fusion or something, but anyway, it goes wrong. Duh.
I dont wanna give too much away, which i think the previews kinda did, cause for me anyway, i was anticipating the next big thing as shown by previews. So if you havent seen one, A- where have u been? or B- Good Job Avoiding them Either way, its definatly a movie worth seeing. twice. Later