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The long awaited G-Mail Review- 8.5/10

This is by far the best e-mail client I have ever seen. Ever. Not only is it 1 Gig of storage, but the look and feel is very smooth. It uses labels instead of folders, and you can archive your email. Once you apply a label, everything with that same label is grouped together. Then you click on the name of the label, and boom, there are all those archived emails. Also, it keeps email conversations grouped together, auto applies a label to each message in the conversation, and keeps a count. Say I email you, and label it work. You reply, and I reply back. In the work label, there will be the 1st message i sent you with the number 3 in parenthasis. You can search your e-mail with the search bar on top, and star important ones, which go under their own label, and come up 1st in a search. Anybody you e-mail automatically becomes a contact, and they are groups under contacts, and then frequent contacts. However, when someone e-mails you, you cannot simply click an “Add Contact” button like most e-mail clients. I took off a point for that. Its pretty important. The other 1/2 point came off bc as far as i know, you cant make sublabels. No big deal, but id like to see that. Anyway, Then you have the normal e-mail features and whatnot. But its just so much cooler in G-mail. And O yeah- if you have the gmail window open and your signed in, it auto refreshes. that is awesome. So if you can- GET GMAIL. JCasabona@gmail.com

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