Van Helsing- 6.5/10

It was decent. Action scenes were great. But it was kinda cheezy and the storyline was ehh. It could have been alot better. There was kind of alot of blasphmy in the movie, but I guess when you are banashing a man who made a deal with the devil, you have to have it. Van Helsing is a man who was taken in by the council in Rome sometime in the early, ohh, 1700s maybe? The movie takes place in 1888. Dracula is close to finishing his plan to make the world his. There is the girl, who is part of a family who is sworn against Dracula, but this fight is between Van Helsing and Dracula. I dont wanna give too much away incase you do see it, but its not a must see. If you go, go for the action scenes and the fights, but not the storyline. Later!

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