GodSend- 9/10

This is a movie that will make you think- as well as scare the shit out of you. It questions morals, religion, and playing God. There is alot of symbolism and whatnot and it will keep you guessing the whole time- or atleast while your not jumping out of fear. Its freaky. And wierd- and amazing. If you havent seen the preview – or even if you have- its about these parents who lose their son when he gets hit by a car. There is a doctor, Robert Williams, has perfected a way to clone an individual by using just one cell. This baby is exactly the same in everyway, except for one. You see- the cells used in the prcedure have managed to maintain memories for Adam’s, the son, first life. But there is a twist. See it if you like thinking- or being scared shitless. I liked it and you will too- unless your coburn.Later!

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