My Travel Schedule for Fall 2019

Every year there seems to be a season where I travel more than usual, and this year it starts today! Here’s a list of conferences (or cities) I’ll be visiting now through the end of the year. If you’re going to be around at the same time, let me know!

Check Out these WordCamp Miami Speakers Before the Conference!

Back in December I published the WordCamp US Speakers that have been on my podcast. This weekend I’m heading to WordCamp Miami, so I’ve decided to continue the tradition. WordCamp Miami has a killer lineup of speakers, and there are quite a few that have been on my podcast. If you’re heading to the conference …

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What I Learned from Asking, “How did you build that?”

Over the last few months, I’ve interviewed dozens of people, asking a pointed question: “How did you build that?” In that time I learned common tools, business decisions, and generosity. Recently I gave a talk where I went through the most important lessons I learned, and some tools to get the job done.

Why Open Source is so Important

This is the transcript I gave for the above talk. View the slides here. Have you ever been on Spaceship Earth in Disney World? It’s “The Golf Ball” in Epcot Center and it’s one of my favorite rides on the property. If you haven’t, Spaceship Earth is not some crazy thrill ride like a roller …

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WordCamp US, or Why I Love the WordPress Community

Last week I attended the inaugural WordCamp US, where I spoke as well as attended the Community Summit. The Community Summit “is a smaller, work-focused event. Community leaders gather to discuss and work on issues that the WordPress community faces.” It was a great time, and between that, the actual WordCamp, and Contributor Day, I …

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100 Words 040

For today’s 100 Words, I’d like to deflect to the Organizers of WordCamp US. It’s sure to be a great event with lots of amazing people, and the first one outside of San Fransisco. If you can come you definitely should. I know I’ll be there! WordCamp US 2015, held December 4–6 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, …

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WordCamp Scranton Followup

It’s been a little over a week since WordCamp Scranton, the dust as settled, and I have slept. First, I want to thank everyone who came out: attendees, speakers, sponsors, and volunteers. I also want to thank Johnson College for being such a great host. Finally, big thanks to Matt Mullenweg for taking time out …

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100 Words 021

I will be doing a lot of writing this week. a lot of writing. WordCamp Scranton was over the weekend, so the last 2 weeks saw me immersed that. I was making sure the event went off without a hitch. It did. That means there were a great many things I didn’t get to do, including tons of blog …

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100 Words 004

This is the first weekend where I’m not traveling in a while. It’s also the only one where I’m not busy for a while – somehow even though I promise myself I’m going to take some time to relax, I manage to galavant. Part of it is I like traveling and doing things in general. …

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