ROI and Conferences

Tying ROI to Conferences

As I start to plan my travel for 2019 (something I should have done in December), I’m thinking a lot about where I want to spend my time and money, and what will be the best for my bottom line. In general I try to tie real, tangible dollars to the conference I go to (in most cases). Because I’m using my own money, while education is a good metric for attending a conference, my goal is to recoup at least some of the cost. Here’s how I do that.

A new favorite travel spot - Cabo

My Summer Travel Schedule for 2018

One of my favorite things to do is travel and speak at conferences, and summer is prime time to do that. Not only is it nice most places in the summer, but lots of great events happen – especially in July. Here’s where I’ll be traveling and/or speaking. If you’ll be at any of these places, be sure to say hello!

What I Learned from 2 Weeks without Data

When I arrived in Italy for what would be an epic 2 week honeymoon, I had a plan in mind to make sure I would not be without a cell phone and data connection. My wife got me a Nexus 5X last Christmas so I decided to sign up for Google’s Project Fi for international cell service. It’s much cheaper than ATT and I’d get to spend some quality time with Android after being away for about a year. However, when we arrived in Venice I noticed I was connecting to cell towers, but I wasn’t able to text or get online. I thought maybe Venice was spotty but as we moved down country, I still had no luck. I was relegated to calls anywhere, but text and data only on WiFi, which was basically at the hotel. Here’s how that went.

Why FastPass+ Shouldn’t Run Your Disney Vacation: A Guide to the Magic Kingdom

Many people that visit Walt Disney World in Orlando, FL do so as a once in a life time trip. They spent years planning it, researching park hours, peak seasons, and must-see attractions. They learn about the best resorts and restaurants, the best shows and Meet-and-Greets. Then again, many people spend years saving up and then just go with almost no research. They do not understand that park hours change daily, may be extremely crowded in July or at Christmas and Easter, and may have an attraction down for refurbishment. Regardless of amount of research done beforehand, it seems that almost all Guests know or learn quickly about the FastPass+ program at the parks. This is why you don’t necessarily need them!

100 Words 004

This is the first weekend where I’m not traveling in a while. It’s also the only one where I’m not busy for a while – somehow even though I promise myself I’m going to take some time to relax, I manage to galavant.

Part of it is I like traveling and doing things in general. I spent last weekend at WordCamp Philly and had a blast. I’m going to NYC this week for a live recording of Stuff You Should Know.

This weekend was mine though. I did side work, cleaned up, and relaxed a bit. Recharged and ready for the summer.

100 Words 001

It’s been a while since I’ve blogged. Almost a month actually. The shame is that the last post was by far my most popular blog post ever, thanks to it getting picked up by BGR. It’s perhaps a winning combination of me being incredibly busy at work, planning WordCamp Scranton, traveling, working on side projects, and wedding planning.

Because of that, I’ve decide (with a prompt from Colin) to try out 100 Words for 100 days, which perhaps was started by Jeremy Keith.

I will likely pepper in some actual posts, but I think this will be an interesting exercise.