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What’s in my Backpack (Winter 2022)

It’s 2022 and God-willing, many people will be back to traveling again! I already have 2 conferences planned1and at least 1 family vacation.

As a result I’ve reassessed by bag situation and, as an end of the year bonus, picked up a new bag. So here’s a look at everything in my travel back for 2022.

Watch the Video

If you want to watch me talk about everything in my bag, here’s a video:

Otherwise, here’s a list of everything, with links.

General Gear

I picked up the Waterfield Mezzo Laptop Backpack as an end of the year gift to myself. I’ve had my eye on it for a while. It’s pricy, but it’s the perfect size at 14.5L with just the right amount of pockets. This will replace my messanger bags and my Nomatic Backpack as my every day backpack.

One thing I love that is lacking in almost every bag I have is the nice big side pockets for my Contigo Water Bottle. It fits perfectly without being too obtrusive.

Front Pocket Stuff

Here is where I keep my EDC stuff. There is a Field Notes or Nock Co notebook, as well as the Nock Co Sinclair pen case. There’s also some business cards and extra pens.

For extra power, I have the MagSafe Battery Pack and Anker Laptop Power Bank.

When I’m not flying, I keep my SOG Pocket Knife in the front pouch. It’s small, light, and in my opinion, the perfect EDC knife.

Big Pocket Tech Stuff

The laptop in my laptop bag is an M1 MacBook Air. 2020-2021 was a time of flux for my tech stuff and I honestly thought the iPad Pro would replace my laptop, but I’m just too comfortable on it to let it go.

Plus, the iPad Mini came out, and that is the most perfect device. I have a white iPad Mini Smartfolio2, the Apple Pencil, and the Canopy by Studio Neat + Apple Magic Keyboard for when I’m typing.

Misc Tech and Cables

On top of the tech stuff, I have some important accessories, like the Anker Slim Charger, a super skinny 30W charger I can use for my laptop and iPad. I also have USB-C to USB-C cables, and USB-C to lightning, as well as a Satechi Slim Hub. On big trips, I have a separate tech bag with tons of cables, but the ones I keep in my backpack are generally good for day or weekend trips.


I love listening to music and podcasts, so it’s no surprise that I have multiple headphone-based things in my backpack. The AirPods Pro go everywhere with me. I also got a nice black leather AirPods Pro Case from Nomad, as well as Foam Tips that fit better in my ears.

If I’m going someplace where I want over-the-ear headphones, that job goes to my newly acquired AirPods Max. The smart case they come with is an abomination, so I also got the AirPods Max Case from Waterfield, which does lower power mode.

Big Pocket Analog Stuff

I always have my William Hannah notebook on me. It’s a totally customizable binder-based notebook where I do my weekly planning and keep notes. I also have my Theme System Journal, where I keep my daily thoughts, notes, and habit tracking.

That’s Everything!

I’m excited to take my new backpack out on the road, both for day trips and big travel. What do you keep in your bag? Is there anything you want me to elaborate on?

Let me know in the comments!

  1. Including Craft + Commerce. Let me know if you’re going! ?
  2. Though I’ll probably get the purple one since the white gets SO dirty. ?

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