Books Recap for June 2019

In June I finished 3 books and read about 750 pages. That brings my grand total up to 17 books on the year, and 4 away from my goal for 2019. Given that I’m going to the beach this month, I’ll likely hit that by the end of the summer (if not sooner).

Books Recap for February 2019

It was another good month of reading. I finished 2.5 books and read about 830 pages this month. I’m only slightly down from last month as I didn’t travel anywhere, so I didn’t have quite as much dedicated reading time. The 2 books I finished are Educated and This is Marketing.

Quick Tip: Manage Call List with Google Maps

This year I resolved to be more aggressive in getting clients, my marketing campaign, and my business in general. a few days ago I started compiling a list of business in my target market to reach out to. I decided to choose Google Maps to create a custom map of  those business. Here’s the Why & How.