Random Thoughts

When You Freelance, Make Decisions & Stick to Them

I almost called this one, “Trust and be Trusted, but don’t betray your business.” That’s the gist of the next two stories. It’s easy to make concessions when you’re freelancing, especially when business is slow. You need the work and you’re willing to bend your rules a little bit to move the chains, or bump …

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100 Words 029

Today I’m working from a “mobile command center.” This a a term I heard coined from coworker and all-around great fellow Brian Richards. He uses it when he’s working from the road, usually literally moving. I love this idea; working remotely let’s us work anywhere and modern technology enables us to do it. I’m not …

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Friday Scrapple

There are lots of links to share today, so it’s time for another Scrapple. I was interviewed on CMS2CMS. Check it out here. Giphy has been integrated into Slack. That’s really upping my GIF game. Use this tool to see how long it would take the USA to succumb to a Zombie Outbreak. Pointer Pointer …

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