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3 StoreBuilder Features That Make it the Best eCommerce Solution

Ah, the age-old question: do you want ease of use, or the freedom to do with you want with your eCommerce store? Shopify is easy but expensive (especially since they take a transaction cut). But WooCommerce and other self-hosted platforms are hard to set up and harder to maintain…until now.


Stop Focusing on WordPress Searches and Serve Your Customers

Over the last few months, we’ve seen several outlets report on the seemingly alarming decrease in search terms year-over-year in the WordPress space. But does it matter that the specific search terms are decreasing (sometimes marginally) even as WordPress and WooCommerce usage reach new heights. While well-meaning, I don’t think these reports solve the problem they think they’re solving.


Some Thoughts on Live Streaming

Since the start of the pandemic, I’ve tried to do webinars, and then live streams, on a regular basis. That fell off a little in the summer when my son was born, but now it’s picking up again. Now that we have a babysitter, I can even set a regular schedule. So here are some thought I have around live streaming, and how I’m trying to improve.

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How I Built a Smart “On-Air” Light for When I’m Recording or Meeting

As a guy who makes his living mostly from recording podcasts and videos, it can be frustrating when my family, who’s mostly stuck at home due to a pandemic, comes into my office while I’m recording, or decides to make the most noise right outside my door. I don’t blame them for this. You do what you can to keep…

Using an iPhone 12 Pro Max as an Overhead Camera for Live Streams

I’ve been putting a lot more effort into my live streams lately. Thanks to better tools like eCamm Live and my Stream Deck, I can manage things a bit better and it doesn’t feel like a completely overwhelming process. One of the problems I was trying to solve was having a good overhead camera so I can do unboxings, writing,…