Stop Reading EVERY HARO Request (Do This Instead)?

Help a Reporter Out (or HARO) is a thrice-daily email that goes out where reporters are looking for experts to help them with articles. But it can also be a good way to land podcast guest spots. 

If you’re anything like me, you’re not going to want to sift through every word of every email HARO sends out…that’s why I let Zapier and Google Sheets do the heavy lifting for me.

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3 StoreBuilder Features That Make it the Best eCommerce Solution

Ah, the age-old question: do you want ease of use, or the freedom to do with you want with your eCommerce store? Shopify is easy but expensive (especially since they take a transaction cut). But WooCommerce and other self-hosted platforms are hard to set up and harder to maintain…until now.


Do We Need ANOTHER WordPress Hosting Company?

WordPress hosting companies are a dime a dozen these days, and if you’re going to be one, you need to differentiate yourself. This could be by offering managed WooCommerce hosting, adding on a theme shop for all customers, or creating a fantastic local development environment that integrates perfectly. When it comes to WordPress host WPX, there are 3 features that differentiate them from competitors.

Is My Disdain for Jetpack Unfounded?

I’ve had a love-hate relationship with Jetpack. Actually, it has been more hate than love. Actually, it has been just pretty much hate. But today I set out to answer the question: Is my disdain for Jetpack unfounded? Today, I set out to answer that question.

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How to Get More Subscribers with QR Codes (QRTIGER Review)

In-person conferences are coming BACK and I’m SO excited. One of my goals for conferences this year is to get more people to listen to my podcast. And while that can be an arduous task (“Yeah check out my podcast”), QRTIGER provides a good solution: create a QR code. We’ll create the code with a dynamic link that includes analytics, and add it to a business card – allowing conference attendees to subscribe right then and there!

Rebuilding a WordPress Site Using ONLY Full SIte Editing!?

Who is Full Site Editing really for? That all depends on what we can do with it. So today, I’m putting it to the test. I’m going to convert my long-standing personal website, from Kadence Pro and Kadence Blocks to stock WordPress, Twenty Twenty-Two, and Full Site Editing. I’m using NO extra plugins or patterns. Just whatever comes in a fresh WordPress install. Let’s see how it goes!