My Lighting Kit

I’ve gotten several questions about how I do my lighting. Here’s all of the hardware and software!

Proper Lighting

I have The Elgato Key Lights and Mounting Setup:

Color Lights Around the Office

Smart Plugs

Putting it All Together

I control all of my lighting with my Stream Deck, as well as some automations with Apple Home and Shortcuts.

My Travel Podcasting Kit (2022)

I recently found myself recording more on the road. Here’s my travel kit as of Summer 2022.



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My Live Stream Kit

I routinely get questions about my live stream setup – I use and how it all works, so I thought I’d put together this quick post. If you have any questions, let me know!


  • eCamm Live: I use this as the software on my computer to get my streams to the internet. It integrates with everything, including Restream and Stream Deck. It also makes it easy to use iOS devices as additional camera sources
  • Restream.io: This is what I use to get the stream to YouTube, Twitch, and Facebook. Its free tier is shockingly good.
  • Riverside.fm: I use this more for podcasting than live streaming, but their recent streaming features have me wondering if I should switch things up.


You can learn more about my hardware setup on the What’s on my Desk post.

Walk Through!

I was recently asked how I ran a webinar, so I made a quick video walk through: