Repurpose Content to Defeat Writer’s Block

Recently I had a bit of writer’s block. I had an idea for a podcast episode but didn’t have the fuel to script it. But I knew I had to get this episode done.

So I decided to repurpose an old blog post. Luckily I have nearly 2 decades of content (probably 1 decade of good content) to pull from, remix, and repurpose.

So I looked through my blog for a post that was somewhat related to the topic I was struggling with. I found something close enough.

After reading through it and adding/updating some bits, I recorded that as the episode, making it the first of a 3-part series.

The second part was also a repurposed blog post, and the third part was the script I was struggling with. I feel good about the direction of the series, and now I have 3 weeks worth of content instead of 1. Plus I get to resurface good posts that haven’t gotten a lot of traction in a while.

If you’re struggling with content, look for low-hanging fruit. Old blog posts, podcast interviews you’ve done, Twitter threads, email newsletters…or even emails where you answered a question for someone.

Remixes are popular in music. They can be for your content too.

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