Offering WordPress Workshops

An idea I had a while ago, around the time I moved back to Scranton, was to offer a WordPress workshop that would show people how to use the platform and possibly how to develop on it. Recently I was approached by some people who were interested in something similar. Now, how to use and develop are two vastly different topics, so I recently sent out a tiny, 2 question survey to get an idea on what kind of workshop would be more popular. You can find it here. I wanted to elaborate a bit on what I had in mind.

Initially, I chose NEPA because that’s where I currently live and there is a great tech community, as well as people interested in WordPress; in actuality I could probably travel anywhere within an hour or so radius to start out. My hometown of Middletown, NY would be a great fit, for example.
I’m thinking it would be a one-night thing to start; maybe 1-2 hours with coffee served. It would cost around $25/person, or $7 if you’re a student (that’s the other great thing about NEPA- lots of colleges). I’d provide you with a hands-on tour of WordPress or a group coding project, with a handbook and some other goodies for attending.

If it’s successful or we realize we need more than 1 night, we can expand from there; if there is a demand from people outside the area, we could look into streaming it; or if it’s really successful, maybe I could take it on the road.

What do you think? Would you be interested in a WordPress Workshop taught by me? Let me know by taking my tiny, 2 question survey. Thanks!