How Skip the Grind Showed Me to Focus my Business

A common question I get is, “What exactly do you do?” Generally when I answer, I get a response of, “Wow! You do a lot.” Even my wife says, “I’m not really sure how to answer when people ask me what you do.” That is awful for a business owner.

It’s easy to think doing more = more revenue. But that’s usually not the case. It’s usually the opposite. You’re not focused, you’re trying to promote too many things, and you lose prospects because they aren’t sure you really know how to solve their problem.

This is why I knew I needed to focus my business, and why I signed up for Skip the Grind. I was not disappointed.

Creating Clear Definitions

In order for this event to have the most impact, Chris Lema made sure to get a good group of business and product owners together so that we could all brainstorm together.

Once we were together, he provided a framework to help us define our audience and offerings. We’d work on that — actually work — over 3 days. After each session, we’d get together and each of us would be in the hot seat to share our ideas and get feedback.

The result is that we’d come home with some very clear action items to bring to our team or start implementing ourselves. Heck, I starting implementing some of it the same day we discussed it.

Simplifying my initial offer based on brainstorming at Skip the Grind.

Achievement Unlocked: Focus

Skip the Grind was by far the most helpful event I’ve gone to with respects to defining my audience. Chris’ framework, along with the group’s feedback, helped me get specific enough to create impactful offers. Then I was able to define and position them in a way I never have before. Like I said, parts of my website changed mid-event.

On top of that, I know there are lots of things I’m working on that I’m going to stop…at least for a while. Course updates no one is asking for, services I thought would be quick wins but made more work for me, etc.

I also have a great direction for my community. While I might lose some folks who aren’t focused on the customers I’m serving, the people who do sign up (or stay) will get much more value because we’ll have a clear set of goals in mind.

Do I Recommend Skip the Grind? Heck Yes.

I honestly didn’t know what to expect when I first heard about Skip the Grind. But I spoke to Chris and he told me I’d benefit. Boy did I. In fact, every time I go to one of his events, my business grows1.

  1. Plus, as usual, there was a pool. ?

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