Gifts for People who Work from Home

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    Connecting with Others

    Working from home means  you spend most of your time communicating with other via email or on video calls. Here are some gifts to help with both

    A Good Webcam

    Using a good webcam is clutch for video calls, and the Logitech C920 falls perfectly between price and quality.

    If you want to go for an upgrade, or your giftee is a streamer who needs that 4K quality, the Logitech BRIO will get the job done!

    ATR2100 Mic

    A Good Mic

    Along with that, a good mic is also important. The ATR2100 is perfect! Solid quality, great price.

    The Blue Yeti is another popular one. If you want to see more recording gear, check out my Podcaster's Gift Guide.

    Get 5 More Tools for Working from Home

    Productivity Tools


    The FOCUSED Calendar: This year calendar is a fantastic way to get a bird's eye view of what's going on, as well as plan out a year's worth of projects. I have one on my wall right now!

    For digital communication, there are a lot of apps that I love. You could grab an App Store Gift Card so that your giftee could grab some of these:

    Omnifocus 3 (task management) | MindNode (Mind Mapping)

    Evernote (note taking) | Ulysses (writing)

    These are especially good since macOS Catalina came out, since we'll see more iOS apps on the Mac.

    Comforts of Home

    Working from home also means  you need to be comfortable. It also means never having to put on real clothes. Slippers, PJ Pants, a solid desk chair, and a really good coffee maker are all excellent gifts to make sure your remote worker is comfortable at the home office.


    When you work from home, you are your own Barista, so good coffee and a coffee maker are a must! I have fully assimilated to the Aeropress lifestyle and love it. I would strongly recommend that - makes great coffee, and is super affordable.

    If you're looking for something more heavy-duty, a Nespresso won't let you down.


    If you're buying beans you should also have a good coffee grinder. You can't go wrong with this one: Baratza Encore Conical Burr Coffee Grinder.

    The Beans

    Drift Away is a subscription service that will personalize beans based on your tastes. Perfect for your friends and family who love coffee.



    Good Clothes. Working from home means being comfortable. Sweats and t-shirts are great, but it's also good to have some nice clothes for when you need to go out. Here's a bit of both.

    Shirts: UNTUCKit. I have recently started to upgrade my wardrobe and UNTUCKit has been at the heart of it. Their shirts are perfect for me, and look great!

    Customized Outfits: Stitch Fix. This is a great subscription box services that seems to get it right every time. My wife had it for a while and loved it. And now they have boxes for men, and kids too!

    Unmentionables: Mack Weldon. Seriously. Their boxer briefs, undershirts, and everything else they make are incredible. I'm a huge fan. For Women (since Mack Weldon currently only makes men's clothes), I'd recommend meUndies.

    Socks: Darn Tough Socks. These are the best socks ever.

    SlippersL.B. Men’s Altin BOA Slipper  | BEARPAW Women’s Loki 2 Shearling Slipper

    For the Office

    Home Decor! Decorating a home office can be a lot of fun! While pretty personal, Ugmonk usually has something for everyone, from picture to desk stands and more.

    I've also been big into National Parks prints lately. You can get some cool posters from Parks Project.

    If it were me, shopping for Star Wars Wall Art would be a good bet too!

    Desk Chair! A good desk chair is important for someone who works from home. Steelcase, while expensive, make the best.

    If you're looking for something more affordable, the HON Chairs are popular.

    Standing Mat. If you're shopping for someone who had a standing desk, an anti-fatigue mat is a great gift. I recommend the TOPO Mat or the Imprint CumulusPRO


    NFC Tags: These are a great, affordable way to automate certain things (like turning on lights, starting playlists, etc). With Siri Shortcuts and other smart devices, these can be a lot of fun for the home office.

    WeMo Smart Plugs: Smart plugs are a great way to get started with simple home automation. Plug it in and get going. And these WeMo plugs work with Alexa, Google, and Apple's HomeKit.

    Sonos One: This is a fantastic smart speaker that sounds good, works with a bunch of services, and has Alexa built-in. So you can listen to music or bark orders at it.

    Tech & Accessories


    I recently picked up the AirPods Pro and love them. They're always in my pocket and for the time being, are the only noise cancelling headphones I keep with me.

    That said, Apple Airpods are still fantastic if you don't need the bells and whistles of the Pro versions. If you're looking for small, wireless, unobtrusive headphones that just work, these are it.

    If you're looking for good, sub-$200 headphones, I recommend the Audio-Technica ATH-M50s. They are light-weight, block out most noise, and sound incredible. They are also one of the few sets of headphones I can wear for a long period of time without getting a headache.

    The Bose QuietComfort 35 Noise Cancelling headphones are fantastic. Whether you work from home, an office, or a coworking space, these will help you focus. And they're great while traveling. I never leave home without them.

    If you (or who you're shopping for) are more of an earbuds person, these are excellent and just under $25.

    Backups & Storage

    External Hard Drive: Everything we do is computer-based nowawadays, so a solid external drive is necessary. I've used the Western Digital My Book for as long as I could remember. If you need more space, the 8TB model should do the trick.

    Cloud / Off-Site Backups: Another important aspect of working online is having solid off-site backups - especially if you work from home. There's only one service I recommend for this, and it's Backblaze.

    Portable Hard Drive: With "the cloud" there's less of a need for portable storage, but I still like to have some on me. Here's a few good suggestions:


    Network Area Storage

    I've been considering this for my home office: the Synology 2 Base Storage NAS. Working across multiple devices and platforms, it would be nice to have a central, network connected drive for me to access. If you work from home, this can be especially nice.

    Just a heads up that this the bay only - so you'll have to get some hard drives too. For the total cost, I know some folks who've also on the route of a Mac Mini as their home server. But with the new price hike/refresh, I'm still going with this.


    Smart Phone Gear

    Wireless Chargers

    My favorite Qi Charger, that I've used, is the Twelve South Hi Rise. It's fast and doubles as lay-flat charger, so you can travel with it or use it with your AirPods.

    Qi Charger Stand - If you're looking for something a little more affordable, this is what I use on my night stand. It doesn't need to be fast, and I'm not traveling with it.


    When it comes to cases, I need the thinnest, and that's Peel. Lots of colors, including clear, to show off that Midnight Green iPhone 11 Pro.

    If you want a little more protection, I've been using the Caudable Lucid Clear. It's thin and can withstand drops of nearly 7ft.

    If you want more colors, or higher drop protection, I recommend checking out tech21.

    Recording / Travel

    iphone, switchpod, glif, shure mv88

    I recently did a full write up of  my travel recording gear, which you can read here. You can also just view the whole kit.

    For people on the move, a Handheld Phone Stabilizer for shooting movies can be clutch.



    Nomatic Backpack

    After a hiatus from buying a backpack for a while, I decided I wanted a new one for a big travel season I had. I needed something big, but not too big, with space, pockets, and TSA-friendly. The Nomatic Backpack ticked all the boxes. It's durable, flexible, there's lots of places for all sorts of gear, and it expands from 20 to 30 ml. Big enough, and can get bigger. I love it.

    eBags Professional Slim Laptop Backpack Pretty much every year, I get myself a new bag. I love this one because it's got places for a laptop and iPad, lots of compartments for chargers and miscellaneous wires and tools, and a hard case pouch for fragile stuff. It's perfect for day trips or short trips. Check it out.

    Peak Design Everyday Messenger. This is usually my go-to.

    Tech Travel Grid

    Travel Grid

    I also changed things up a bit since I like to switch between bags. Earlier this year I wrote up how I'm using this tech grid to make sure I don't forget any important cables/gear between bags. It has served me quite well!

    The exact pouch was a gift I got from a speaking engagement, but here's an unbranded one (exact match). This one also looks really good.

    Coffee Gift Card: Starbucks | Dunkin Donuts | Panera Bread | Your local coffee shop also works!

    Screenshot 2019-11-18 09.00.10

    YETI Tumblers: A good travel mug (or drinking vessel) is clutch and I love the stuff YETI makes. They keep the hot drinks hot, and the cold drinks cold. You can't go wrong with any of these. Plus, they have different lids you can get, depending on the tumbler's use.

    Extra Power

    When it comes to portable power, Anker is the best in the business. You can't go wrong with anything they make. Here are a few of my favorite Anker products.

    Charging Devices
    • Anker PowerCore Slim (pictured left). It's light, portable, and packs a big charge in a small device. USB and USB-C.
    • Anker PowerCore+ 26800 PD 45W. This beast can charge a laptop! I once used it on a week long trip to charge my iPhone at night and it never had to be recharged. Great if you need a lot of power in a relatively small package.
    • Wall Charging 5-Port Hub. Traveling with a lot of devices gets a lot easier with this in your bag.
    • Anker 30W PIQ 3 (pictured below). This USB-C wall charger is impossibly slim and still 30 watts. It's replacing all of my other giant bricks.


    Along with charging devices, you should make sure you have the right cables. Here are a few I make sure to always have on me:

    Lightning to USB (iPhone, iPad, Airpods)

    Lightning to USB-C (iPhone, iPad, Airpods - faster)

    USB-C to USB-C (iPad Pro, MacBooks, most Android/non-Apple Smartphones)

    USB to USB-C (A good, versatile, likely to work cable)

    Relaxing at Home

    Working from home means finding your own recreation. Here are some ideas to pass the time when your remote worker needs to get the juices flowing or just relax a bit.


    Hello Fresh: Working from home can mean it's tough to leave the house. A meal box subscription is the perfect way of saying, "You don't have to Doordash everything."

    There are lots of meal boxes out there, but I've heard the best things about Hello Fresh. These are especially good for households of 1 or 2.

    Get Out of the House!

    Working from home means finding your own recreation. Here are some ideas to pass the time when your remote worker needs to get the juices flowing or just relax a bit.

    Treat Them to Dinner

    Send Them to a Movie

    Try an
    Escape Room

    • Find a Bed & Breakfast
    • Cigar Lounge
    • Wine Tasting
    • Museum Tour
    • Night out in the closest city
    • Gym or Club Membership

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