11 Great WooCommerce Tools

11 Great Tools for Your WooCommerce Store

I just got back from WordCamp Grand Rapids, and the theme of the camp was tools and services to make WordPress better. I spoke about some tools I use for Creator Courses, specifically revolving around the e-commerce portion. I also learned about some great WooCommerce tools from the attendees. I’d love to share some of them with you.

Customizing Your Shop

Beaver Themer by Beaver Builder is another great theme-based tool for being able to customize your shop without having to touch any code. They offer a lot in the way of template creation and it integrates with tons of other tools too, like Advanced Custom Fields.

WooCommerce Customizer by SkyVerge is a free plugin on the WordPress repo that will let you do things like change button colors, sale text, and more. It really helps you cover the small details.

Customer Interaction

Metorik is a tool that gives you advances stats, reporting, and much more. This is one my favorite WooCommerce tools because I use to really understand my customers and potential buyers. It works right on top of WooCommerce and unlocks a ton of great information.

Jilt is an app for cart abandonment. When someone puts one of your products in their cart but doesn’t make the purchase, Jilt will attempt to grab the email address and then remind the customer about the cart over the course of a few days. This technique can rescue up to 30% on lost revenue.

AffiliateWP helps me make evangelists out of my students. By offering them the ability to make 20% on each referral, they’re more likely to help promote. And real praise from real people converts sales.

ConvertKit isn’t strictly for WooCommerce, but it’s been super helpful in segmenting my customers so that I can market to them properly. They even have a plugin specifically for WooCommerce integration.


WP Disable is a fantastic (free) plugin that will help you reduce the number of bad requests coming from your site by disabling anything you don’t need.

Astra Theme was found be Liquid Web to be the fastest theme for WooCommerce. It’s also crazy flexible and works with other tools, like Beaver Builder and LearnDash. AND there’s a free version. I’m using the pro version on my personal site.

WP Sweep is a free plugin that will clean up your database by getting rid of orphaned tables and unnecessary data. Reducing the size of your database means faster queries and a faster site.

Image Optimization is one of the best things you can do to optimize your site. This blog post gives you just some of the options available to you as a WordPress user.

Of-course, Great Hosting goes a long way too. My favorite host (and keeper of my personal site, podcast, and online shop) Liquid Web specializes in WooCommerce performance.

What are Your Favorite WooCommerce Tools?

Are you using some nifty WooCommerce tools? Let me know in the comments below.