The Alec Bradley Black Market will Keep You Warm this Winter

Here in Scranton, Fall quickly turns to Winter, and while we have been spoiled with nice weather lately, that’s bound not to last. As the weather gets colder I don’t smoke as often, but when I do one my favorite go-to Winter cigars is the Alec Bradley Black Market.

This is darker than most cigars I’ve reviewed, but not so dark it should deter you from trying it out. It’s a great medium-full bodied cigar that will start off super smooth and creamy before getting into a more spicy/peppery flavor. It finishes off a little sweet.

The great part about the Black Market is that it acts like a sampler of a lot of different types of cigar flavors; moving from creamy to peppery to sweet means you never get bored of the smoke and it keeps you guessing with each draw. I’m really glad Famous-Smoke Shop decided to send this one my way.

Another thing I really love about the Black Market is the unique leaves and wrappers that are used to blend it. It’s not very often I read this in a cigar description:

…blended with Honduran Jamastran (pronounced ha-mas-tran) and Panamanian longfillers, Sumatra binder, and semi-sweet Nicaraguan Jalapa wrapper cured to a dark, shimmering patina.

All of  this and more makes this cigar an excellent, unique, and at under $10/stick, affordable smoke.

My recommendation for this Winter? As your lamenting the cold weather, pour yourself a nice coffee and light up the Alec Bradley Black Market. If the coffee doesn’t keep you warm, the cigar certainly will.


Strength: Medium
Shape: Toro
Size: 6 x 50
Country: Honduras
Wrapper Color: Dark Natural
Wrapper Origin: Nicaraguan
Wrapper Leaf: Jalapa

This is a sponsored post. Don’t fret though! It does not change the way I feel about Famous Smoke Shop or Alec Bradley.