Quick Tip: Fix Visual Editor / TinyMCE in WordPress

I recently had an interesting problem where the Visual Editor (or TinyMCE) wasn’t working in WordPress. 4.0. I tried the normal stuff as recommended by most forums and blog posts, including…

  • Disabling all plugins
  • Disabling the theme/using a default one
  • Reinstalling WordPress
  • Making Sure “Disable Visual Editor…” was not checked.

None of those worked so I decided to try saving my user profile with “Disable Visual Editor…” unchecked. The exact steps I took were:

  1. Go to Users -> my User Profile
  2. Check “Disable Visual Editor…”
  3. Save Profile
  4. Uncheck “Disable Visual Editor…”
  5. Save Profile

That managed to fix the Visual Editor. I hadn’t seen the suggestion in my travels, so hopefully this will save people some time.