Workflow, Responsible Responsive Design, And More Friday Links

I have already come across a few things this morning that I’ve wanted to share out, so it seems a short blog post is in order!

  • Profession Workflows & Best Practices | WPSessionsBrian over at WPSessions is hosting a free seminar on best practices for development and you shouldn’t miss it! It’s going to be a great learning opportunity for anyone, whether you’re new, a freelancer, or work with these tools every day. I can’t wait for this one!
  • This is a fun little game that shows you how well you can eyeball pixel values. I’m just OK. How do you measure up?
  • Sleeping Position by Profession: Funny and pretty accurate from my experience.
  • Story.AM: This service that’s launching soon. From the site: “Create and sell interactive longform stories on a collaborative platform built for storytelling.”
  • Responsible Responsive Design: The latest book by A Book Apart, penned by Scott Jehl. This is bound to be a good one. I can’t wait to read it.
  • Silicon Valley Job Title Generator: What are you? This morning I got “KICKSTARTER EVANGELIST.” Funny because yesterday, I blogged all about Why Kickstarter is bad for Christmas Gift (what I don’t mention in the title is what I think it’s great for).

2 thoughts on “Workflow, Responsible Responsive Design, And More Friday Links”

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