Speaking: NEPABlogCon and Beyond!

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Though I haven’t officially announced it yet, I have been talking for a while about a new book I’m working on called Responsive Design with WordPress. We are a couple of months out from release but things are going well! In the time running up to the release I’ll be out there speaking quite a bit to promote it.

Starting tomorrow, Saturday Oct. 5th, I’ll be on a mini speaking tour of sorts. At NEPABlogCon I’ll be speaking with my friend Phil Erb (@philerb) about WordPress themes and security. Rumor has it there are still tickets available, so check it out. It’s $30 and there is a lot of great stuff lined up!

Aside from that, I’ll be speaking and attending lots of conferences, including @PressNomics in a couple of weeks. You can follow me on Twitter (@jcasabona) for more details as the events get closer, but here is a short schedule of my events. You can view the full event list with talk topics on the Events page. Hopefully I’ll see you at one (or several)!

How to Train Your Clients (and Customers!) Thursday, June 29th at 3:00pm EDT https://wpsessions.com/sessions/train-clients-customers/
What I Learned from Asking, “How Did you Build That?” July 15-17, 2017 Carnegie Library of Washington, D.C. 801 K Street, NW Washington, DC 20001

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