Speaking: NEPABlogCon and Beyond!

Though I haven’t officially announced it yet, I have been talking for a while about a new book I’m working on called Responsive Design with WordPress. We are a couple of months out from release but things are going well! In the time running up to the release I’ll be out there speaking quite a bit to promote it.

Starting tomorrow, Saturday Oct. 5th, I’ll be on a mini speaking tour of sorts. At NEPABlogCon I’ll be speaking with my friend Phil Erb (@philerb) about WordPress themes and security. Rumor has it there are still tickets available, so check it out. It’s $30 and there is a lot of great stuff lined up!

Aside from that, I’ll be speaking and attending lots of conferences, including @PressNomics in a couple of weeks. You can follow me on Twitter (@jcasabona) for more details as the events get closer, but here is a short schedule of my events. You can view the full event list with talk topics on the Events page. Hopefully I’ll see you at one (or several)!