Tech News for May 20th, 2013

Generally I will just share a massive amount of links on Facebook, Twitter, and lately Google+, but as to prevent from friends and followers from being inundated with news they may or may not care about, I figured it might be a good idea just to consolidate, so here is your tech news round up for this Monday morning. Enjoy!

Yahoo! Buys Tumblr: They even promise not to screw it up, and I believe them! I’ve been a big fan of Marissa Mayer for a long time, and more so after I saw her speak at Google I/O 2008. She’s very good at what she does and I think she’s taking the company is a good direction. I firmly believe this won’t be another Flickr.

McCain Proposes a-la-carte Cable Bill:  I’m not a huge fan of the government forcing companies to do things like this, but when the President of Comcast says “a-la-carte” programming is just a fad, there is a huge problem with the cable industry*

Samsung SIII to get SIV-esq Upgrade: Many people, normal people, are not willing to shell out the kind of cash required to get the latest and greatest gadgets every year. For SIII users who are hoping and wishing and clamoring for some of The Galaxy SIV goodness on their phones, it looks like their wishes are going to come true. (via @verge)

LifeHacker’s 5 Best Android Phones, 2013: This is a solid list; it was kind of a toss up for me between the SIV and the One (before I realized the One was only on ATT), but I ended up decided the SIV is better. The One looks and feels fantastic, but the SIV does a lot more and is incredibly light. ATT and T-Mobile users will also have the option of a Stock Android SIV, which I’m pretty jealous of. (via @lifehacker)

10 Great Music Apps for Tablets: My latest article from @droidappstorm is available. If you are into music and have an Android tablet, I think it’s definitely worth the read!

Feedly is my new Reader: With the impending doom that is Google Reader shutting down, I  took to the Internet to find a reasonable replacement. Overwhelmingly, @Feedly was recommended. I’ve got to say I’m pretty happy with it; it’s beautifully designed, very customizable, and had a very good mobile presence.

 *It’s greed. The problem is greed.

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