Trying Out My New Canon Rebel T6i

This week I got a new Canon Rebel T6i. I’ve been in the Nikon camp for a long time and I’ve enjoyed the cameras I’ve used, but I’m at a point where I’d like to get more mileage out of my DSLR, not only as a camera, but as a webcam for when I do live streams/video calls. It’s much much easier (read: possible) to do that on the T6i, and not possible on the D3300, which is what I have. This weekend I got to take the camera out for a spin when the family went to Longwood Garden. Here’s some of my better shots (Flickr album here)

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1 thought on “Trying Out My New Canon Rebel T6i”

  1. Beautiful shots, Joe! Were you able to get the new one hooked up to your computer for a web cam? Also, I’d love to see specs on your new PC. I’m currently planning out a PC build myself.

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