I, Robot…3.

Ok- So i didnt like it. I mean, there were cool scenes. And some GFX Effects were cool. But some were lame. and there is this one element to the movie that i cant put my finger on it. They tried to do too much with it. And it reminded me too much of the Terminator Movies. Now- I think I know why i didnt like it that much. Well, A- as Mike Gillan brought to my attention, there was a Major Plot Flaw in the movie. I wont mention it, cause i dont want to blow the movie, but let me know if you notice it. Its kind of hard to catch, but if you catch it, it screws up the plot. Also, it was a cool action movie, but at the end, the was like, an “after school special” moment. Im still going to see it again. Maybe I was just tired, and thats why i didnt like it. Casue Apparently, it was “fucking amazing”. So this is like a second draft. Ill prob see it again this weekend.

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