My iPad Pro Setup

Using the iPad Pro as my Travel Laptop

Since going out on my own full time, my tech stack has been a bit of a revolving door. In the quest to find the perfect set up I went from a MacBook Pro to a PC / smaller MacBook for travel. Less than a year later and I’m not too happy with that setup. Nothing against the PC, but living in two-thirds Apple land makes having parity between machines very hard (plus, Camtasia, my main video editor, is a hot mess). So when Apple announced the new iPad Pros, I made a decision to go with that and only that as my travel machine.

John Wiley Price is Ignorant

In this video, you will find John Wiley Price, Commissioner of Dallas County, TX, get all upset when someone refers to central collections as a black hole. He then demands an apology for using the term black hole because it makes ‘black’ look negative. There is another video where he starts making comparisons and asks why did scientists call it a black hole, why not a white hole? Link here.

Well he is clearly a pinhead. They call it a black hole because it’s black. The lack of light is black and there is no light in a black hole. Is that racist? Maybe the sun is racist. And maybe white men did come up with these terms, as he suggests. I’m willing to bet my life that it was not out of racism. But this isn’t really about science.

This is about the ignorance Price is spewing. It’s comments like this that give others an excuse to play the racism card (or whatever card) in outrageous situations. It gives people a scapegoat. And when people have a scapegoat, they will never take personal responsibility; myself included. So Commissioner Price, keep that in mind. And maybe take a science class.