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4 Ways to Monetize Your Podcast

Monetizing your podcast doesn’t just mean sponsors. There are methods you can employ to generate income from your show – whether it’s direct dollars or warm leads. Here are 4 ways to monetize your podcast, from landing sponsors to generating commission. And if you’d like to learn more, check out the course Podcast Liftoff .

Using Webinars to Grow Your Audience with Emily Hunkler

Webinars can be a great way to grow your audience, but are a tough business. Today’s guest, Emily Hunkler, is a pro! She is able to host consistent webinars and virtual meetups for GoWP at a time where it helps most. In this episode, Emily lets us in on how she does it. 

Creating Field Guides with David Sparks

I have a confession that won’t be much of a confession once you start listening to this episode. I’m a big fan of David Sparks. I think he does great work in several different areas an I’m excited to talk to him about how he does it. We also both happen to be big fans of Disney and Star Wars. When we spoke, he was just coming off his first ever Sabbatical – so we’ll get into that and how he manages to put out what must be dozens of hours of field guides while also running a law practice. 

Creating Content for LinkedIn Learning with Tracey Larvenz

I’m really excited to take to Tracey Larvenz today – he’s my content manager over at linkedIn Learning and he’s so great to work with! Being a Content Manager at LinkedIn Learning, it’s his job to make sure there’s a steady stream of new course material coming out for members. We’ll talk about how he decides what to put into the production queue, and with me being a LinkedIn Learning instructor, we’ll get into the course creation process a bit! 

Creating an Army of Advocates with Tessa Kriesel

Let me tell you about my friend Tessa. She is very passionate about her work. And what’s her work? Well she finds people who are passionate about products! In this episode Tessa will give us tips and tricks for building an advocacy program – where you can connect with people who LOVE you product. And further…you know what? I’ll just let Tessa tell you about it!

Why You Need to be on Voice Search with Chip Edwards

Voice Search! Amazon Echo! Google! Chip Edwards knows a thing or two about all of these topics and let me tell you what I learned: We are all sleeping on voice search. Chip will tell us the importance of being on Voice Search, and why the earlier the better. Stay tuned until the end for a special offer just for listeners too!

The Past and Future of Podcasting with Lisa Laporte

Lisa Laporte is the CEO of and after a few weeks of talking about how to podcast and what it can do for your content, I thought she’d be the perfect person, to come on and talk about starting a network, as well as where podcasting is going. We talk about a lot of stuff – where podcasting was and the future, but we also have a great chat about tech and more. Lots of great advice here, so sit back and enjoy!

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Hosting a Daily Podcast with Harry Morton

One of the hardest things to do is put out daily content…and on top of that, making it helpful, timely, and in podcast form! This sounds like a ton of work, but Harry Morton of Lower Street does just that. In this episode, we’ll explore how Harry can consistently put out a daily podcast about working from home – from planning to publishing.

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Find the Right Podcast Membership Benefits with Stephen Hackett

Stephen Hackett is one of my favorite podcasters, and cofounded my favorite podcast network, Back in 2018, I spoke to his co-founder Myke Hurley about starting podcasts. Since then, Relay has really ramped up their membership program and I though Stephen would be the perfect guy to talk to about putting out tons of content and deciding what to make free, and what to make paid.

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Better Audience Engagement for Your Content with Taylor Waldon

Before we get too deep into this season, I wanted to make sure you and I have a good baseline for creating content and engaging with the audience. Taylor Waldon, the Content Strategist for GiveWP, does a fantastic job of this. We talk about how they are expanding their niche and why creating the right content is crucial. This is a must list for anyone who’s creating content for their small business, no matter what you do.

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