Why You’re Leaving Money on the Table with Email Automation with Kronda Adair (How I Built It)

If you’ve ever heard me say, “I’m a recovering WordPress developer,” you’ve also heard me credit today’s guest, Kronda Adair. And while she started in WordPress, she quickly moved into one of my favorite areas of expertise: automation. Specifically, Kronda’s an email automation expert. And today, she’s going to tell us the RIGHT process for automation, how to test, and why your business depends on email automation.
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Want to be a Better Speaker? Do THESE Things with Mike Pacchione (How I Built It)

There’s an old adage that more people are afraid of public speaking than of death, meaning that at a funeral, more people would rather be in the casket than giving the eulogy. I suspect that when push came to shove, most people would actually choose the eulogy, but that’s beside the point. Public speaking is hard. And truth be told, most people are bad at it…if you feel that way, don’t fret. Mike Pacchione is here to help. He’s coached people like James Clear, Amy Porterfield, and Donald Miller on public speaking, and today, he’s teaching us his best stuff.
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You NEED to Time Track to Make Money as a Creator with Marley Majcher (How I Built It)

Marley Majcher, The Party Goddess turned Profit Goddess, was running a business but not making money — despite her degree from Georgetown. But she managed to turn it around with this “one weird trick.” OK — so that sounds clickbaity, but it’s true. See, Marley didn’t have a system in place for her business. She, like many creators I think, wasn’t spending her time wisely. So, she decided to do something about it: she decided to learn how she was spending her time, organize those tasks, and figure out the crucial ones that actually made money. And it all started with the one “Weird” trick: Time Tracking.
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Top 10 Lessons from 300 Episodes (Plus the Future of this Show) (How I Built It)

It’s episode 300! I thought I’d wax poetic on the top 10 things I’ve learned from both running this show, and the guests I’ve had on. After that, I talk a little bit about what’s in store for How I Built It, and where I’d like it to go in the future. Plus, in the PRO show, I talk about what life without Twitter has been like.
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The Best Way to Build Community is Easier Than You Think with Drew Dillon (How I Built It)

Most attempts to start a community these days feel a lot like the approach the Underpants Gnomes from South Park took in making money. Step 1: Launch a Discord, Step 2: ???, Step 3: Community! But it’s not like that at all. And Drew Dillon, founder of Burb and community expert, is here to set the record straight.
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How to Create a KILLER Digital Product with Molly Keyser (How I Built It)

Molly Keyser made half-a-million dollars selling a 15-page, $59 eBook without spending money on ads. How do you ask? She created something SUPER valuable, that immediately made the buyer money. And throughout this episode, Molly is going to tell us how she went from professional photographer to online educator making digital products, all by knowing and serving her niche. There’s A LOT to unpack, and I know you’ll find a lot of actionable tips here.
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How to Drive More Sales by Writing Content for REAL Customers with Will Shultz (How I Built It)

We’ve been told for years that creating an “ideal customer avatar” is the best way to understand your audience. But the truth is that’s just guessing on your part. Do you know how you actually get to understand your customers? Have customers! Talk to them, and then write content for them. That’s what Will Shultz recommends. And as a Sales and Marketing coach, he knows a thing or two.
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How to get the Best Copy for Your Sales Pages with Ame Proietti

It’s the time of the year were small business owners and creators have some extra time to tinker with (or fully redesign) their websites. I’m here with Copywriter Ame Proietti to tell you to skip the new design and focus on the copy instead. We get into what makes good copy, blog posts vs. sales copy, and we finish out with how to write good scripts. As you prepare for 2023, good copy will be at the heart of what you do thanks to Ame’s advice. Plus, in the Pro show, we broke down the sales page Ame wrote for me.

Top Takeaways:

Where blog posts are meant to share and educate, copywriting is meant to convince people to take an action. Ame calls it “assembling” words and sections in the best way for your target audience

To get the best copy, you need to talk to customers. Ame recommends interviewing 3 customers and gathering testimonials to learn how you people and the language they use, which you can then mirror in your copy.

Bringing in someone else can help you get the best results. They are objective and don’t know what you know. They’ll also the right questions and allow you to gain a better understanding of your offer too.

Show Notes:

Ame Proietti

Ame on Twitter

Ame on Linkedin

How To Build a $1000/year Membership with Jay Clouse

Don’t Make Me Think

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Good People, Cool Things: Ways to Grow Your Small Business with Jessi Burg

It’s a good old fashioned podcast swap withGood People, Cool Things ! I really enjoy this show, and the interview we have queued up for you is great.

This is aconversation with Jessi Burg , who started Outgrow Your Garage so she could answer the questions and develop the resources for small business owners that she wished she had when starting out as a business owner. Some of the top highlights include how to overcome common struggles for business owners, the benefits of online courses, and why she encourages an airing of grievances among employees. Be sure to stick around until the end for a good question and a corny joke!

In Build Something More, I give you a behind-the-scenes look on how this happened, and the future of the members-only part of this podcast (don’t worry. It’s not going away).

Show Notes

Good People, Cool Things

Ways to Grow Your Small Business with Jessi Burg

Podcast Swaps Grew My Show by 21%

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REAIR: Building a Cohort-Based Course with Jennifer Bourn

With the Podcast Liftoff Playbook out, and Jennifer Bourn’s Profitable Project Plan is open for enrollment right now, I thought it would be a great time to re-air her interview where she talks about running a cohort-based course, and how she built the PPP. I listened to it again as I was looking for inspiration and best practices to realize the Playbook fully. And let me tell you, this episode really holds up! For members, I talk about how my webinar ? paid members sales to funnel went.

Top Takeaways:

Online courses are NOT passive income. If you want your course to be successful, you need to evolve it.

Offering a PRO version was a big mistake for Jen because people bought the non-Pro version and tried to get the Pro benefits. The lesson has one offer OR makes the Pro benefits totally different.

Running live workshop events are a great way to add accountability and more value to your self-paced courses. You’re ensuring your students take action now, instead of procrastinating.

Show Notes:

Jennifer Bourn

Jennifer on Twitter

Profitable Project Plan

Content Camp

Jennifer Bourn and Profitable Project Plan

Company of One

Introduction to the Block Editor

2021: The Year of Opportunity

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