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I came across a story today with the headline How your smartphone’s battery life can be used to invade your privacy. I only read part of it, but I assume it’s completely sensational nonsense. So for today’s post, I’d like to make up some more sensation headlines about privacy.

Using deeply personal device that is constantly connected to Internet may compromise privacy

Posting your activities online may be used to invade your privacy

Doing things outside may compromise privacy

Telling people what you did last night may be invasion of privacy

If you do anything people might know

Please. Stop.

Social Media More Addictive than Cigarettes and Alcohol. Really?

BRG is reporting this morning that a new study suggests Facebook and Twitter are more addictive than cigarettes or alcohol. The way the study was set up is Blackberry users were polled several times a day, asking what they wanted to see in the last 30 minutes; they were also asked to rate their own desire.

I really don’t like studies like this; they are comparing something people enjoy using to 2 very addictive substances. Possibly the biggest flaw here is that people are asked to gauge their own desire. In a world where people say, “Today, I had to have a serious talk with my boyfriend about his Miley Cyrus obsession. FML” (src) and a meme exists citing “First World Problems,” people probably cannot accurately gauge their feelings/desires. Desire is relative to personal experience. It’s like how college students call themselves alcoholics because they drink every weekend. Some are kidding, but some really mean it. But I’m a little off-topic now.

My point is that studies like this (and statistics in general) really do not show us any useful data. Of-course people are going to use Facebook and Twitter more than cigarettes and alcohol. There is no law prohibiting minors from the use of social networks (not  that I’m opposed to that). Plus, Facebook and Twitter are free. (To be fair, that latter point was cited in BGR’s article.)

Until people start neglecting their responsibilities to use Facebook and Twitter, we can’t say that social networks are more addictive than cigarettes and alcohol especially.


People Need to Relax About Google’s New Policy

I’m going to tell you a story- an anecdote of sorts. I decide one day that I am going to, of my own free will, run down a crowded street, screaming facts about myself. “I’M 26 YEARS OLD,” “I COME FROM MIDDLETOWN, NY,” “I SING A LITTLE TOO LOUD WHEN I’M IN THE SHOWER.” A few days later, I read online that someone said I’m a 26 year old man that sings too loud in the shower and I get pissed about it. Doesn’t that seem unreasonable to you? I freely gave up this information in a very public way. This is how I view people that are reacting poorly to Google’s new privacy policy, which really, isn’t anything new.

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This week I also redid my About.me Page to make it simpler, and created a Twitter account for my company. You can follow @manifestdev for updated on the redesign, news, specials, and web development related links!

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Why iTunes Proves Apple is Only in it to Make Money

I know what you’re going to say; “All companies want to make money.”  As a red-blooded, meat-eating, American capitalist, I think that’s a good thing. But there seems to be a thought among computer nerds (and most Apple product users) that Apple is the white light to Microsoft’s Eye of Sauron (sorry…I recently watched Lord of the Rings). That simply isn’t true, and iTunes proves it.  It also proves that you don’t need to have the best, you just need to market it the right way.

Let’s take a look at a few reasons why iTunes is the bay window looking into what Apple really cares about most (hint: it’s money).

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Links Round Up for 12/26/10

That’s all I have for today because I was pretty much checked out all week! I’ll hopefully have a post this week on something tech (Wrap up of 2010 or Predictions for 2011). Otherwise, have a great New Years and thanks for a great 2010!

Links Round Up for 10/17/10

Some cool purchases I made this week: Bit Monsters by Simple Bits and Envato’s WordPress Pack ($250 worth of online/electronic goods for $30).