Add IE Conditionals to wp_enqueue_style

When creating a WordPress theme, it’s best practice to use wp_enqueue_style for adding all stylesheets, including style.css. At first glance, this can pose a challenge if you want to conditionally include CSS based on the browser (like IE-only styles, for example). Luckily, there is a quick way to do this in WordPress using $wp-styles: global …

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Good Books for Web Development

I’m teaching a couple of web development classes this semester and have been receiving a lot of questions as to what books would serve as good resources. Here’s a short list, starting with the ones I’ve chosen for my classes. HTML and CSS: Design and Build Websites: This is possibly the best book I’ve used for …

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Interesting Links for June 21, 2013

Happy 1st official day of summer. The Internet has been particularly good this week so I wanted to share some of the interesting links I’ve come across.