The Social Network

Over the weekend I saw The Social Network and after reading the book it was based off of, I was pretty excited. Any story that combines business and super smart technology moguls is pretty much a guaranteed win for me. So how did the movie measure up? Let’s find out.


My friend Nick and a couple of his friends set up a new podcast called Couchcast. From their About page: “Couch-Cast” offers a unique look into the minds of studio executives, Academy-Award winning actors, and the minds behind some of Hollywood’s biggest successes and failures. Or, at least it would, if we could get any …

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The Dark Knight

You didn’t think I’d let a movie like The Dark Knight slip through the cracks on this site, did you? Admittedly, I haven’t reviewed a movie on here in a while, that’s usually because what I have to say about a movie can be found on my Flixster profile. But The Dark Knight is different. …

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Busy May

Wow. I just realized I haven’t posted here since the end of April. And really, I have some ideas for posts, but no time. I am in the midst of finals week, projects, and getting ready to go out to San Francisco for Google I/O. I also have some ideas for projects I want to …

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Transformers Movie

Some would say I’m stubborn. OK- a lot of people would say that. When I have an opinion, I’m pretty dead set in it. But my mind can be changed. Going into Transformers I wasn’t expecting spectacular. I wasn’t expecting crap either. I was expecting mediocrity. Boy was I wrong. The Transformers Movie was awesome …

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You might have noticed I recently added a “Movies” box to the sidebar, with a flash object showing recent reviews from social networking site Flixster. I started using the site a couple of weeks ago through Facebook, and I’ve got to say it’s a pretty awesome website. I’ve been meaning for some time now to …

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Mr. Brooks

Admittedly, the summer movies I’ve reviewed, I’ve given bad reviews to. That’s not my fault. I am not a movie hater, as I’ve accused my friends of being. These are the people who hate every movie they see, being over critical of every aspect of every movie. Not me. And Mr. Brooks (as well as …

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