Saving for a Wedding

A lot of you probably saw on my various social media accounts that I proposed to my girlfriend and she said yes. I couldn’t be happier for the engagement, and now the fun part starts: planning a wedding. You don’t have to worry; I won’t be live-blogging every decision we make. I’m sure there are …

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Preparing for Tax Time

With tax time right around the corner, everyone is gearing up to file and hope for some sort of refund- found money! For freelancers like myself, this could be an upsetting and arduous task if you’re not prepared. I’ve always been umm…let’s say diligent…about keeping my books in order, looking over them weekly to make …

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Why iTunes Proves Apple is Only in it to Make Money

I know what you’re going to say; “All companies want to make money.”  As a red-blooded, meat-eating, American capitalist, I think that’s a good thing. But there seems to be a thought among computer nerds (and most Apple product users) that Apple is the white light to Microsoft’s Eye of Sauron (sorry…I recently watched Lord …

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