Interesting Links for July 2, 2013

Google Reader Vigil: This one is a little shameless self-promotiony, but I created a site for users to pay their last respected to the new defunct Google Reader. Google Reader was my first RSS reader and showed me the true power of RSS. I used it faithfully for 8 years and I will deeply miss it.

How Delaying Intimacy Can Benefit Your Relationship: This is a really interesting read that goes a bit against the grain of what you might here from most people. As a side note, if you’re not reading this blog, The Art of Manliness, I strongly recommend you do. It’s fantastic.

Are Coders Worth It?: James Somers explores the question, “Is what coders do worth the money people pay?”

10 Plugins That I Install After I Install WordPress:  The ever-blogging has a nice list of recommended post-install plugins. They all look good; my must-haves from t hat list are Joost’s SEO plugin and Jetpack. The others are on my todo list.

Here are the Specs for the Next Nexus 7: The next generation seems to have some killer/longed-for features, like 4G and a back-facing camera. If they can keep it around $200 it will do very, very well.