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How You Can Listen to Podcasts

As podcasting grows in 2019, a common comment I hear is, “I don’t even know how to listen to podcasts.” Indeed, it’s not the most intuitive thing. There are lots of different ways to get shows, and each show could ostensibly do different things. It’s not like TV, where you buy a dedicated device and …

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Mobile Matters! Google to change Search Rankings

If you’ve done a Google Search on your mobile device recently, you may have noticed that Google adds a bit of text in the search results alerting you to the fact that a website is (or is not) mobile friendly. This can have a big impact on your website’s search ranking.

My Thoughts on the Chromebook

I got a Chromebook a couple of weeks ago (this one to be exact) as a machine to use around the house for browser and writing and such. I have an iPad Mini but frankly I don’t feel like I can get a lot accomplished on it besides reading. My hope was that the Chromebook …

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4.4K People per Month Google, “How do I Google something,” and that’s OK

I came across the above graphic today thanks to this Google Plus post and my knee jerk reaction wasn’t, “Wow those people are dumb.” I think that’s a pretty big step for me because I’m trying to be more open minded and less judgmental. I teach college students, talk at conferences, and field a whole …

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Interesting Links for July 25th

Yunel Escober starts a Double Play with a Behind-the-Back Glove Flip.  I love baseball. (via @MLB) Huckberry, my favorite online store for Man things, made a Flask Tie. Fantastic. Google has released a new Nexus 7, and more excitingly, the Chromecast, a small dongle that let’s you stream from multiple devices to your TV. (via @verge) …

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Google Glass FAQs

I’ve had Google Glass for just over a week now and while I’m working up several articles on my thoughts, I did want to address some FAQs I’ve been getting from people. A lot of them are coming from the very same people you’re seeing over at People Reacting to Glass! How much do they …

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