Season 8 Wrap Up: Vet Clients and Build Your List

We’re at the half for 2020, which means the end of Season 8. I’m proud to say I learned a ton, and I hope you have too! There were three big topics of focus this season: Find the Right Clients, Productize Your Services (or at least make them more predictable), and Build Your Email List / Network.

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Books Recap for July 2019

In August I finished 3 books and read about 970 pages. That brings my grand total up to 20 books. I was hoping to hit my goal of 21 in July, but my current book is a grind, and finding time to read it has been equally difficult. Let’s take a look!

The truth about web design

Some Truths About Web Design

I’ve been thinking a lot about the changing landscape of web design and development, and I believe there’s already a fast-moving shift in how customers are approaching getting online. I may elaborate more later, but here are the overall thoughts.

Ugh, clients. Am I Right?

Clients Always Mess Things Up

Imagine you’re buying a new phone. You walk into the store and you overhear a conversation with 2 of the sales clerks. One says to the other, “Ugh. One of my customers put an ugly case on the beautiful iPhone I gave them. Customers are so stupid. They always mess things up.” You probably wouldn’t …

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Get the Free Gutenberg Checklist

Now Available: License An Introduction to Gutenberg Course

With WordPress 5.0 quickly approaching, it’s time for us to start thinking about educating our teams, clients, and employees on Gutenberg and the new editor. Today I’m happy to announce that you can purchase bulk licensing for my Introduction to Gutenberg course.

Quick Tip: Manage Call List with Google Maps

This year I resolved to be more aggressive in getting clients, my marketing campaign, and my business in general. a few days ago I started compiling a list of business in my target market to reach out to. I decided to choose Google Maps to create a custom map of  those business. Here’s the Why & How.

7 WordPress Plugins that Make Your Client’s Life Easier

WordPress is becoming an increasingly popular content management system on top of it’s popularity as a blogging system. More developers are choosing it as a solution to enable clients to update their own websites. And while WordPress out of the box is an excellent system, it could use a few tweaks to give most clients …

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