Switching to Apple's Native Apps

Switching to Apple’s Native Apps

Since iOS 11 came out, I’ve been forming new opinions on apps and what I want to use on my phone. When I was an Android user, I would try not to pay for apps, and had reasonable success doing so. Call it the open source mentality, sure, but Google also had pretty great native apps — especially when they rolled out Material Design. When I switched to iOS, I went a little app crazy. I wanted to try everything. I was also more willing to pay for apps, mostly because more apps cost money. But recently, I’ve decided to cut out most 3rd party apps and focus on the native apps Apple sends with the phone. Here’s why.

My Thoughts on the iPad Pro 10.5″

So I’m a bit of a technophile and an early adopter. Always have been; I had a Palm M100 in 9th grade because it looked cool. Plus it helped me keep my busy schedule of drama club and homework straight. Since then, I’ve tried to get new tech sooner rather than later. Sometimes I write about it. When the iPad Pro was announced, it wasn’t something I was able to buy. But I’ve been looking for a good way to draw on a screen since my first “tablet” in 2005. Well, I was able to get the iPad Pro 10.5″ this year; so how does it stack up?

Interesting Links for July 25th

In the shameless self-promotion file, we have:

The Apple Keynote Drinking Game

The time is once again upon us: Apple is presumably announcing a new iPhone for people to clamor over, then spend all of their money on. This year, I’ve decided there should be a drinking game, so here are the rules:

Take a sip if:

  • You hear, “It just works”
  • You hear, “Smooth”
  • They tell us about a feature we already knew about from the rumor mill
  • You hear, “Retina”
  • Someone you know gets excited about a feature that already existed on Android
  • They list some stat that can really only apply to Apple products

Take a gulp if:

  • Something old is presented as new and revolutionary (like Copy and Paste, or notifications).
  • They announce something that forces you to buy new accessories
  • They take a jab at Android or any other competitor
  • They blatantly stole an app and integrated it into the iPhone/iPad.

Finish your drink if:

  • You hear, “This is the best iPhone/iPad/Macbook we’ve ever made.”
  • Tim Cook comes out dressed as Steve Jobs
  • They talk about the Samsung ruling

Mobile Browser Testing

So this Responsive Web thing is all the rage these days, and rightfully so. As mobile browsers get more powerful, we can do a lot of great things that used to be thought of as only possible on  the desktop. We no longer need to have redirects on mobile that take our users to a separate site; we can have it all, no matter what device they are viewing our sites from. I recently updated both my site and my blog to be responsive (I’m still working some kinks out of the blog- I’m sorry for the mess). However, as mobile browsers are becoming powerful and plentiful, we run into the same issues we’re seeing on the desktop- we need to test our mobile friendly versions in several different browsers across multiple platforms.

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