State of Music

I don’t really hide how I feel about music in our era. Most of it is garbage. Britney can’t sing, most ‘alternative’ bands sound the same and have a very lazy sound to them (Nickelback, Buckcherry, Hinder, Shinedown, etc.), and then there is Lady Gaga, whose songs are absolute crap. I mean the worst. They …

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My Thoughts on Less Accounting

At the beginning of the year I wanted to find all-inclusive, online accounting software. That is, something that kept track of invoicing, other income, and expenses. As much as I loved Zoho Invoices, I needed expense tracking. So after doing some research, I settled on Less Accounting. Here are my thoughts. Pros: You can import …

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Pink Bothers Me

When she wrote, “Dear Mr. President” it pissed me off mainly because she didn’t make a single good point. Now she has a new song out called, “Sober,” where she sings, “How do I feel this good sober.” Oh Pink. You’re so deep. And no one will take your lyrics the wrong way. Good thing …

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