2 Months with an iPhone

I wrote perhaps my most popular blog post ever just over 2 months ago. I talked about how I bought, used, and subsequently didn’t like the iPhone 6. I would be sticking with Android…or so I thought. Shortly after that post got popular, I was compelled to take another look at iOS.

100 Words 019

An interesting thing is happening to me. about 8 years ago, I swore Macs were terrible machines. I would never buy one. 7 years ago I bought one. Further, I haven’t purchased a PC since, and have only used one minimally. 8 years ago, the iPhone came out. I swore it was a terrible phone. Once Android phones came …

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2 Weeks with an iPhone 6

I’m pretty vocal about my feelings for the iPhone and iOS devices in general. I don’t like them; I think they are too locked down and that they aren’t as feature-rich an Android devices. However, as I should have an iOS device to test on and there are a few seemingly good things about iOS, …

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Interesting Links for July 25th

Yunel Escober starts a Double Play with a Behind-the-Back Glove Flip.  I love baseball. (via @MLB) Huckberry, my favorite online store for Man things, made a Flask Tie. Fantastic. Google has released a new Nexus 7, and more excitingly, the Chromecast, a small dongle that let’s you stream from multiple devices to your TV. (via @verge) …

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April 9th: Articles Round Up

Since I’ve been travelling and sick for the last few weeks I haven’t really done a good job of promoting some articles I’ve written across the web. In-case you missed it, here are some of my better works! Redesigned USA Today is Better than Ever: I review USA Today’s latest release for Android, focusing on …

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