2015: Resolving to Do More, and Less

Every year I publish my list of resolutions as well as a scorecard from the previous year. For 2015, I’ve redesign the site (well, I used HTML5 Boilerplate) and broke my resolutions down into 2 categories: “Do More” and “Do Less.”

A Commitment to Committing

If I can say one thing about working at Crowd Favorite, it’s that I’ve learned a lot about git and Github. From using the basic command line tools to working closely with submodules, I can say I understand git much more today than I did 3 months ago. Earlier this week, my friend Colin challenged me to 30 …

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WordPress and .gitignore

Updates have been added after the jump! In the coming weeks I’ll likely put a lot of my own personal code (as in, not code people pay me to write) in public repos on Github. A lot of my work is WordPress related so I’ll make a local repo at the root of some WordPress …

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Building Web Apps with WordPress

I just finished reading up a book that was co-written by my friend Jason Coleman called Building Web Apps with WordPress. I picked it up because while I’m generally good at developing themes, I know there were some things I was missing- types of code, optimizations, plugin best practices, etc. I wanted to improve my WordPress …

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Join Me for the 1st NEPA Hackathon!

I’m happy to announce that I (with @nepawp) am working with @tecbridge1, and The University of Scranton ACM group to put on the first (of hopefully many) NEPA Hackathon! It will be held on May 11th, 2014 from 10am – 3pm at the Scranton Enterprise Center, at 201 Lackawanna Ave. Scranton, PA 18503.

Simplecast Episodes Version 0.6

Over the weekend I released Version 0.6 of my @simplecast plugin, Simplecast Episodes. Aside from some smaller internal changes, I added what I think is a pretty nice feature to coincide with WordPress 3.9’s new feature to create media playlists from audio and video: the ability to download episodes directly into WordPress, adding them to the …

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