2015: Resolving to Do More, and Less

Every year I publish my list of resolutions as well as a scorecard from the previous year. For 2015, I’ve redesign the site (well, I used HTML5 Boilerplate) and broke my resolutions down into 2 categories: “Do More” and “Do Less.”

In previous years, I’ve made a laundry list of  things I should do and I’ve had some success in sticking to them. I’ve always liked making a website because I feel a bit more accountable.

This year I decided to go a bit broader and place some milestones so I can track progress. I’ve also noted what days I’d like to set aside for certain activities, like reading and learning.

I’m hoping this different approach will help me stick better to the goals I’ve set out to accomplish in 2015. As the year goes on, I will actually add a nice little feature for me to check off and save progress right from the front end. That will also help with one of my “do more” goals 🙂 And since it’s a github repo, you can see the code here.

What are your resolutions for 2015? How do you keep track?

My 2015 Resolutions