Save Time and Embarrassment with TextExpander

How many typos do you make when you’re writing? How many times do you need to retype emails you’ve already written? Or find URLs, emails, and other information you wish you had readily available? You need a tool to help you manage all of this and save you time. That’s where TextExpander comes in.

If you’re a creator, podcaster, or small business owner, you’re probably a little strapped for time…or at least it can feel like it. And while I highly recommend automating with Zapier or Shortcuts, there’s a much lower barrier for entry: TextExpander.

You’d be surprised how much time keyboard shortcuts for commonly typed text can save you. On-time of actual keystroke hours, I no longer have to hunt for URLs or code, and I don’t have to re-create emails I send regularly. So today, I’m going to show you my favorite ways to use TextExpander.

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