3 Things I’m Grateful for (August 6, 2021)

Quick Preamble: I’m starting a new short form post on this site where every Friday I post 3 things I’m grateful for. You can eventually find them all in the Grateful archive.

3 things I’m grateful for, this first week of August 2021:

The Studio Neat Totebook Mini: I LOVE notebooks. I have a whole drawer full of field notes, and I use a customizable notebook for my planner and journal. But these pocket notebooks from Studio Neat as absolutely perfect to write in. They are a great size, support fountain pens, lay flat, and have a sturdy cover. They might just be my new go-to pocket notebooks.

Highland Orchard: On Saturday we took the kids peach picking at a local orchard and they had a blast. We got to spend some time outside on a beautiful day, and by the end the kids were so tired, bed time was a breeze. Fun day + easy bed time = TKO to this parent.

Baseball: I love baseball. I think about it a lot. I read about it. I watch it whenever I can. And with. the Yankees picking up Anthony Rizzo and Joey Gallo they look like a good team again. They are playing the Field of dreams game next week. Plus, Team USA is going for gold this weekend in the Olympics. It’s a good time for baseball.

That’s it for this week! What are you grateful for? Let me know in the comments!

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