Why You Should Start a Podcast Right Now

Why You Should Start A Podcast Right Now

In 2018, both Seth Godin and Pat Flynn stated they believe podcasting is the new blogging. It feels a lot like that too. Back around 2004, when blogging really exploded, we saw a number of tools come out to make publishing easier for those who aren’t tech-savvy. Blogger, Live Journal, WordPress, and Moveable Type all set out to do something that hadn’t been done before: allow people who know nothing about website development to set up their own websites.

Now, we’re seeing the same thing with podcasting. But if you can, should you? Here’s why you should start a podcast.

Starting is Easier

Let’s start with a basic premise: getting started will no long cost you thousands of dollars. In fact, I have a blog post on how to start one for less than $100.

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You no longer need to be in a recording studio to get high-quality audio. You can get a decent mic that plugs right into your computer. There are all-in-one services that allow us to create and manage our entire show from one place, for a small monthly fee.

One app, Anchor, even lets you record, edit, and upload directly from their interface. It couldn’t be easier.

Accessing Them is Easier – Which Means Bigger Audience

On top of that, accessing podcasts is becoming easier. This is the biggest barrier to podcasts becoming mainstream; it’s unclear how to find and access them. Sure there’s Apple Podcasts, but unless you know about podcasts, you’re probably ignoring that app. It’s been even less clear on Google until recently.

Part of the reason I believe what Seth and Pat are saying is due in part to Google. They’re surfacing podcasts in a way they never have before. They finally have their own, standalone podcast app. If you search for podcasts in Google, you can see episodes right in the results on certain platforms.

But why Should YOU Start a Podcast?

So podcasting is easier than ever…but why should you put your own time and money into starting a podcast? Here are a few reasons you, and your business, could benefit from podcasting.

It’s the Next Great Plane of Content

You should start a podcast because of the exact reason we started with: it is the next form of blogging. As a result, many people will start to consume content that way. And there’s good reason for that. Unlike books, blog posts, and even videos, people can passively listen to podcasts. They can listen while driving, cleaning, or while out on a run. It’s the most convenient way to get ideas, news, and entertainment.

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On the Cusp of a Boom

It’s also popular, but not too popular. We’re likely on the cusp of the economic boom of podcasting. The pioneers got in around 2008–2009. The early adopters and shapers came in the early 2010s. Now it’s primed for anyone to get in, especially with many currently being stuck at home and looking for entertainment.

So if you want to reach a new audience, grow your current audience, or even just provide a new avenue for your readers to consume your content, you should start a podcast. But there are other reasons besides, “it’s the next big thing.”

It’s a Way to Help People

A podcast is a great way to give consumable advice – either serially, where each episode builds upon the last, or episodically, where each podcast episode is discrete and listeners and pick and choose.

Harkening back to the “podcasting is the new blogging” mantra, it also doesn’t matter if there’s already a podcast on your particular topics. The important part is you’re lending your voice and experience to others. Some people will relate to you better than those already out there.

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It’s a Way to Help Yourself

Your podcast is your platform. You can use it to connect with your current audience, as well as grow it. If you’re a business owner, you can help your customer base and establish your authority in your field.

That’s not to say that you should constantly sell on your podcast. You shouldn’t. But good, helpful content shows to help businesses. And generally, people like to reward those generous with their time and knowledge.

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You Should Have Your Own Reason

Ultimately, podcasting is a deeply personal medium. It’ why people feel more connected to podcast hosts than they do to bloggers.

Listeners and hosts can form a great bond and strong trust. That’s why you should have your own reason to get into podcasting. Don’t get in it for the money and the glory. Get into it because there’s some strong personal desire – to help people, impart knowledge, or have an outlet.

Start with Why

In the book Start With Why, Simon Sinek talks about how you should define why you want to do something first. Why do you want to do a podcast?

Do you have a message you want to get out there? Is there a story you need to tell? No matter what, figure out your own reason why you want to start your show.

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Another question to consider is, “what do I hope my audience gets out of it?” So once you come up with your why, figure out what you’re doing to make sure your audience gets value.

Are You Ready to Start Your Podcast?

Now is the best time to start a podcast for all the reasons listed above. It’s an affordable, genuine way to connect with your current, and future audience.

I’d love to help you more where I can. If you’d like to chat for 15 minutes, completely for free, about why you should start a podcast, I’ve opened up my calendar during the time we’re all stuck at home.

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