Using my Podcast to Help Freelancers in 2020

Using my Podcast to Help Freelancers in 2020

I’ve made some big, and very intentional changed to the way I’m putting together How I Built It this year, all in the hopes that freelancers and small business owners will learn more and grow.

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Being Intentional

This is my most intentional season yet, and that’s mostly due to Pat Flynn’s AMP’d Up Podcasting course. I was a little suspect about taking the course and boy was I wrong – I learned a TON that I’ve carried over into 2020. Let’s jump in.

The course helped me discover that most of my listeners are actually small business owners and freelancers – NOT developers, which is what I thought. This is a HUGE help in deciding what content I should put out, and who I should interview.

Helping Freelancers Grow

Specifically, I’m talking to small business owners who are looking to grow – all of my episodes for this year will be around that, first focusing on services, and then possibly moving into products (depending on how this season goes). In order to figure out what I should talk about, I looked at 3 factors:

  1. Popular topics in general
  2. Feedback from listeners
  3. Popular, and unpopular, episodes

One thing I learned reviewing download numbers is that big names I thought would do well did not. They were good interviews, but simply not relatable to my core audience. That’s the biggest change I’m making this year: more relatable content.

More than Interviews

I’m also doing more than just interviews this year. Some of my most popular episodes are just me on the mic, talking about my experience, advice, or lessons learned. I plan on doing more of that this year.

So what exactly am I covering this season? There are a bunch of topics, but I’m most excited about: vetting clients, preventing overwork, automation, and list/authority building.

These are all topics that will give listeners actionable advice that can be big payoffs for their businesses.

A More Cohesive Message

I already have a bunch of interviews recorded and things have been going really well! Since I know the whole season up front, I can ask leading questions, and set up (and even reference) future episodes.

I can also ask guests more specific questions and have them give much more actionable advice, as opposed to something that’s generic.

Season 8 is Out Now

All in all, I’m excited for what How I Built It will bring in 2020. Season 8 is out now, both on this channel and in your podcast player of choice. My first guest is Jason Resnick talking about preventing the famine that comes with running your own business, and he does a great job of setting up future episodes.

I’d love to hear your feedback and any questions you might have (or want me to answer on the show).

One last thing – if you want to see my notes and full schedule for the show, I’m making that available to my members over on Creator Courses. You can join this fantastic community for as little as $19/year.

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