How to Create a FREE Landing Page with ConvertKit

How to Create a FREE Landing Page with ConvertKit

ConvertKit has recently opened up a free plan for people to build landing pages and forms so they can start building their email lists. And while usually you need to refer a friend or pay to see those subscribers and send emails, in this video, you’ll get a special link that will unlock 100 subscribers and broadcasts for free. You will also learn how to build a nice looking landing page to compel people to join your mailing list.

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Signing Up for a ConvertKit Account

Here’s the deal! If you Sign up for ConvertKit with my affiliate link – – you get 100 FREE subscribers and broadcasts. That’s only available through ConvertKit’s affiliates!

After clicking the link, follow the on-screen instructions. In the video I choose:

  1. No I’m starting from with email
  2. I don’t have a website

After that, you’ll be logged-in to ConvertKit and you can click on the “Create New” button. You’re given the choice between form and landing page. Choose landing page.

Landing Page Tips

There are lots of templates to choose from. Pick what you like best! In the video we go with the Cedar template.

When coming up with copy:

  • State the benefit immediately. Don’t just say, “Join my mailing list.” What will readers get by signing up?
  • Add some copy that explains who you are, what problem you solve, and reinforce the benefit.
  • Customize the Thank you copy! Try to inject your own personality wherever you can.

Tell the World!

Now make sure to share that landing page everywhere. You can even connect a custom domain if you want. That’s coming in a future video, so stay tuned. Maybe even subscribe!

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