My Thoughts on Twitter for Mac

I’ve been using Twitter for Mac for a few days now after TweetDeck went AWOL and started using up all of my CPU on me; I’ve got some thoughts on it. I used Tweetie (the amazing Twitter app for Macs) for a while and loved it (who didn’t?); when they stopped updating it, I stopped using it. Now that it’s back as the official Twitter app for Macs, I’m back in and have high hopes. Here’s what I think.

  • It looks amazing- the colors, design, and font usages are a UI lover’s dream
  • The single column design is great- much better than TweetDeck’s multi-column design, which takes up most of my second monitor
  • It supports multiple accounts, which isn’t new, but still stellar
  • Its options for how you are notified are great. I love that it integrates Growl. You can also change notification settings per account- this is incredible useful
  • The fact that it doesn’t auto-complete @replies kills me. I thought that was a mandated feature nowadays
  • I wish you could add a specific list to your timeline. I liked that I had my News list in TweetDeck & would get notifications on that list only
  • It shortens everything, even already shortened links and image links. I do not like this because it does open twitpic and yfrog right on your desktop, but only if they are native twitpic or yfrog URLS
  • Sometimes you’ll see you have unread tweets but your timeline doesn’t update. This can be annoying
  • It doesn’t tell you when you’re retweeted, nor does it give you feedback when you retweet someone- I always feel the need to double check on the website

Overall thoughts: There are a bunch of annoying things about the app that make it required to use the website- like @replies if I can’t remember the person’s name, or seeing who is retweeting my tweets. However, it’s so pretty that I’ve decided to overlook these shortfalls in hopes that they will be fixed relatively soon.