Install Let’s Encrypt on WP Engine

I created a quick (less than 5 minute) video on how to get free SSL using Let’s Encrypt on WP Engine. Check it out! And to learn more about WP Engine, click here. Written Instructions after the jump!

  1. After logging into your website and choosing the site you want to install Let’s Encrypt on, click on SSL in the left nav menu.

  2.  From there, you’ll be taken to your SSL Certificate Management page. on the right, click “Add Certificates”

  3. Choose the first option: “Get Let’s Encrypt”

  4. Make sure all domains on the page are checked, agree to the Terms, and click “Request SSL Certificate”

That’s it! It will take a few minutes to generate the certificates, and you will get an email when they are ready. From there you’re ready to use SSL on your WordPress site (check the video for a quick bonus).

Learn More about WP Engine

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