100 Words 006

Is it, ‘$30 good’?

We live in an interesting world where apps, likely because there is not physical product just a download, are expected to be cheap or free. Video games are still $60 a shot, but an app that will make you more productive is $30 and it gets questioned.

I asked that very question recently when looking at some new Desktop Publishing software. Let me be clear: $30 is not a lot of money for a great app, but the question is, “Is it worth $30 to me?” I love to support developers, but if I don’t use the app, it’s money wasted.


  1. This is a great question to ask, but can be difficult to answer since we can’t try out apps from an app store without buying for them first. I ran into this problem when I decided to upgrade from Logic Pro 9 to Logic Pro X.

    Since I purchased it I’ve only opened it a handful of times, while I still use 9 because it’s more familiar and I can get things done quicker. Eventually I’ll make the switch but I probably could have waited to buy it.

    Enjoying this series btw!

  2. Thanks Craig! I understand completely. Maybe we’re a bit spoiled because of the age we live in, but in this case I’d like to know I’m paying $30 for what will amount to more than something I can do in the browser for free.

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