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Simplecast Episodes and New Projects Page

Over the weekend, I announced on Twitter that I officially released a plugin I’ve been working on for a while called Simplecast Episodes, which allows you to add and embed podcasts hosted at simplecast.fm into WordPress. I’m happy to say that it’s officially in the WordPress Plugin Directory.

Right now, the plugin is in beta as I’m working on adding features to make things like tags, show notes, etc. easier. I wanted it get it out pretty early in an attempt to get testing and feedback from other @Simplecast users. From the description:

You have the ability to add direct download links, as well as titles, descriptions (for Show Notes), and tags. The plugin also creates an options page where you can add information about upcoming episodes, sponsors, and select the type of embedded player you want.

I’m also happy to announce that I’ve finally created a projects page with some open source projects and plugins I’ve released. Hopefully this will grow and get a better information-wise. I’m also in the middle of changing some things around on this site to put things like my projects, books, and blog posts front and center.

If you are using any of my projects, drop me a line and let me know what you think! You might also notice a donate form on the projects page. Buy me a coffee if you feel moved to do so. It would be much obliged 🙂

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