Quick Tip: Managing Subscriptions with GMail

It’s likely that you have several subscriptions to newsletter and email blasts from various websites. And, if you’re anything like me, you don’t like a lot of things cluttering your inbox. Today I will tell you how to use GMail to manage your subscriptions.

A nice built-in feature of GMail is that you can append anything to your email address by adding a “+” to it. For example, if I want to keep track of all my client emails, I could give them the email address myemail+clients@gmail.com and it will get sent to my GMail inbox. With that in mind, whenever I sign up for a newsletter or email blast, I use myemail+subscriptions@gmail.com.
To manage these subscriptions, in GMail do the following:

  1. Go to Settings->Labels and create a new label called “Subscriptions”
  2. Next Click on the Filters tab and scroll to the bottom. Click on “Create a new filter”
  3. In the “To”  field of the “Create a Filter” box, put your email address with “+subscriptions” after the username (IE youremail+ subscriptions@gmail.com)
  4. Click Next Step
  5. Of the checkboxes, check “Skip Inbox” and “Apply label,” selecting “Subscriptions” from the  drop down box.
  6. Click “Create Filter” and you’re all set!

Now you won’t have your email subscriptions filling up your inbox, but kept in one spot for you to review when you’d like. Just remember to sign up for them with your ‘new’ GMail address!